OdorBoss Odor Control Solutions


Revolutionizing Odor Control

Powerful. Mobile. Built to last. The OdorBoss sets the standard for modern industrial odor control.

You run a tight ship. You also have a lot on your plate. You want to get odor control right the first time: Best equipment. Best customer service.


Low risk odor control solutions

  • Direct drive, electronic motors: Less moving parts, less maintenance, less problems.
  • Performance guarantee: If you don’t like it, we’ll buy it back.
  • Low risk trials: First month’s rent applied to any subsequent purchase.
  • Protected by a 3,000 hour / 3 year warranty.

Two odor fighting strategies

Two OdorBoss models represent different strategies at fighting odor: Ground Treatment or Aerial Treatment.



Odor Control Cannons

 Our Flagship Unit: Odorboss g

Strategy: Air Treatment

Not like any misting system.

  • Doesn’t saturate surfaces. Generates a vapor to treat the air.
  • Creates smaller water droplets to propel chemical longer distances.
  • Achieves unprecedented coverage using significantly less chemical and water.


Not like any vapor perimeter system.

  • Unprecedented power on a mobile platform.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Effectiveness of a vapor without the infrastructure cost.


It's in a league of its own.


Odorboss T

Strategy: Ground Treatment

Treat odors at the source

  • Evenly distributes topical odor control chemical using water as the vehicle.
  • Covers more than two American football fields with 359 degree oscillation.
  • Powerful misting from central location, significantly reducing maintenance over conventional misting fences.





Our chemical: OdorVore

OdorVore Air Treatment (OV-AT)

OdorVore Vapor Treatment (OV-VT)

OdorVore Ground Treatment (OV-GT)

Not like any chemical.

  • Designed for the mobile vapor system OdorBoss.
  • Neutralizing emissions from rancid to odorless, the OdorVore chemical focuses on the odorous molecules in the air, converting them into non-smelling particles.
  • The OdorVore chemicals separate from the atomized mist when launched into the air, dropping the mist to the ground and turning the OdorVore chemical into a vapor gas.

It doesn't just mask. It neutralizes.

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