Case Study: Managing Lead Dust with Dust Control System in Site Remediation Project


ENTACT Environmental Services

Midvale, UT (US)

Identify and implement the best available technology for controlling dust on a 446-acre Superfund site at the location of a former lead smelting plant. Project engineers needed to create a virtually dust-free work site to prevent the migration of lead-contaminated particles, while reducing the amount of water required by conventional fire hose suppression techniques. The proximity to residential areas required special care to control dust from demolition and earth moving activities and avoid excessive run-off.

One DustBoss DB-60

The DustBoss was so successful at reducing airborne particles that personal and perimeter monitors registered ZERO hits throughout the 18-month project. Because the equipment conserved so much water vs. hoses and/or sprinklers, it also helped ENTACT to minimize costs by reducing the amount of contaminated liquid that had to be removed and treated. The company plans to use the DB-60 on a similar job where dust suppression is an important requirement.

is an experienced provider of field remediation and construction solutions, delivering complete environmental restoration services nationwide. The company is founded on the belief that regulatory compliance, technical excellence, safe field performance and sound business practices are all key components of project excellence.

The firm recorded zero hits on perimeter and personal dust monitors throughout the duration of the 18-month effort.

A Superfund site at the location of a former lead smelting plant was a high-profile remediation project because the land occupied almost 20 percent of the total area of Midavale, Utah (US), including the majority of available vacant land.

City officials knew that re-use of the property was key to continued economic growth, but future development depended on the positive outcome of the remediation project.

environmental remediation dust suppression

ENTACT Environmental Services, one of the nation’s leading environmental remediation firms, used high-performance dust suppression technology while completing the cleanup of the 446-acre Superfund site, preventing lead dust from reaching nearby residential areas or businesses.

The firm recorded zero hits on perimeter and personal dust monitors throughout the duration of the 18-month effort. They credit the DustBoss DB-60 for successful containment.

Effective Site Remediation Dust Control Solutions

As supervising contractors of the cleanup operation, ENTACT engineers need to go beyond the capabilities of conventional hose and sprinkler bar technology to achieve a worksite free of lead dust.

While researching possible solutions, the firm  investigated the unique heavy-duty design of the DB-60.

environmental remediation dust control

Hoses and sprinklers typically can’t create water droplets smaller than about 300 microns. When the drops are that large, they are almost completely ineffective against airborne particles. In fact, they can create such an impact upon landing that they actually mobilize stationary dust.

In contrast, the DB-60 is designed specifically for large-scale suppression, creating droplets 50-200 microns in size and launching them with a powerful 25 HP fan. From a single location, the oscillating DB-60 can cover nearly half a football field with a virtual dust blanket.

“The DustBoss product line is also the only equipment of its kind to feature Variable Particle Sizing™. VPS technology allows customization of nozzles and other features to suit individual dust conditions, creating droplets sized for optimum attraction of a specific dust particle.

ENTACT managers admitted their amazement when the results became apparent on the Midvale Slag site.

“Our overall impression of the DustBoss is excellent,” said the company’s Kirk Gates. “We’ll be using the DustBoss on another site similar to this one.”

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