Event Cooling Solutions

Misting for Events & Industrial Cooling

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Prolonged exposure to heat is not just uncomfortable, it can be life-threatening. Heat-related illnesses are preventable. Sporting events, festivals and indoor manufacturing facilities often house large amounts of people in tight or enclosed spaces. During the summer when temperatures and humidity peak, companies call upon BossTek® to help create safer & more enjoyable environments.

Utilizing proven atomized mist technology, KoolBoss® cannons provide an effective solution for large-scale cooling. Powered by a fan for maximum coverage, KoolBoss is capable of lowering the ambient air temperature to protect employees and spectators from extreme heat. Not only does this reduce the risk of heat-related illness, it also provides a more enjoyable experience and more productive work environment. Our team is here to eliminate your heat concerns while providing personalized service and support along the way. Contact us today to get a quote and discuss which solution is best for your site.

Keep It Kool!

For almost two decades, BossTek® has provided the most effective and reliable cooling solutions for events, festivals and industrial facilities.

Companies across the world rely on KoolBoss® as an effective cooling solution. Utilizing proven atomized misting technology, mist cannons lower the ambient air temperature to help prevent heat-related illness and create more comfortable and enjoyable environments.

Our experienced team is available to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal solution for you.


Dust control for your next demolition or construction project is just a click away!


Dust control for your next project is just a click away!