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Dust is our passion.

We are a group of hardworking people that truly care about not only the product, but the people we interact with. The team drives innovation and ways to keep customers' needs met beyond the first point of communication.

Health / dental / vision / 401(k) / generous vacation time

Make it happen

Our team is a dedicated workforce that works hard and strives for innovation. Team members are able to handle themselves in a wide range of tasks, and they take the initiative to get jobs done.

Team members make it happen.

Make it matter

Members of the team don't just work at the company; they have passion for it. Employees make every call as important as the next. Workers communicate with consumers, helping the Boss products make a difference in people's unique situations.

Team members make it matter.

Make it right

Team members strive to treat customers and co-workers as they would want to be treated. Employees give their best effort to fix situations where a problem arises, customer or co-worker. We stand by the durability and effectiveness of the BossTek line of products and guarantee a helpful customer service experience.

Team members make it right.


There are currently no openings at this time.

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