DustBoss Quick Release Manifold Nozzle Maintenance

Quick Release Manifold

Quick release means quick and easy nozzle maintenance

Regular nozzle cleaning maintenance for the DustBossĀ® line of dust suppression equipment becomes even easier with the Quick Release Manifold Bracket!

Developed for use in harsh service conditions to reduce potential risk to employees, the design is expected to find utility among any customers wanting to avoid work stoppages and maximize process time. The Quick Release Manifold Bracket reduces the amount of downtime to minutes.

Engineered for Efficiency

Designed to fit all DustBoss fan-driven models, the new bracket design allows removal and replacement of the manifold in approximately five minutes, with no tools required.

The stainless steel bracket and pin mounting system secures the manifold in position, allowing maintenance personnel to remove and replace quickly for routine cleaning or other service.


Two bracket mounting kits are used for all DustBoss cannon units.

Standard Mounting Kit

  • Fits DB-45, DB-60, DB-30, DB-60 Fusion, and DB-100 Fusion

DB-30 Mounting Kit

  • Fits DB-30 and DB-30 Fusion

Both kits feature the pin mounting system with quick, no-tool removal.

The new bracket can be retrofitted to any existing BossTekĀ® fan-driven designs.

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