Dust & Odor Control and Air Cooling Products


Dust Suppression Misting Cannons


Throw 30m (100ft)


Throw 45m (150ft)


Throw 60m (200ft)


Throw 100m (328ft)

Cannon / Trailer / Genset Packages

DB-30 Fusion™

Throw 30m (100ft) + Genset

DB-60 Fusion™

Throw 60m (200ft) + Genset

DB-100 Fusion™

Throw 100m (328ft) + Genset

Portable, Cutting Edge Innovation

Revolutionary DustBoss Atom™

Changing Dust Control Forever!

Save time and money with the self-powered portability, cutting-edge automation and low pricing of the revolutionary DustBoss Atom™.

  • Accessible pricing for entry level dust control.
  • Self-powered design only needing a water source for operation.
  • Innovative technologies with BossTek® Telematics and virtually complete remote control.

Don't Give Dust Another Thought.

DustBoss Atom™

Changing Dust Control Forever

Water Jet Center Nozzle

DustBoss® Surge™ Center Nozzle

Cut Through Tough Winds!

The new DustBoss® Surge™ center nozzle applies high-powered jets of water to dust control, cutting through the wind along with significant updates to DustBoss systems!

  • Multi-step system switching between 5 flow levels.
  • Advanced oscillation for custom ranges.
  • Full unit control via remote through new design.

Propel through brutal gusts.

Additive Dosing Dust Control System

DustBoss® DB-30 Injektor™

Disperse Additives For Any Job Site!

The new DustBoss® DB-30 Injektor™ doses in any desired chemical to create a multi-purpose unit for dust control and additive dispersion.

  • Meter in desired chemical to the system water flow.
  • Uses the full ability of the DustBoss DB-30.

Spread Additives. Drop Dust.

DustBoss® DB-30 Injektor™

Spread Additives. Drop Dust.

misters and spray bars


Ring of Nozzles for Conveyors

DB-M Mini

Compact Mister for Close Range

Odor Control Cannons

Tried and True: OdorBoss® OB-60G

Atomized Mist Delivery System.

Designed with mobile odor control in mind, the OB-60G disperses odor control chemical through finely engineered atomized mist via pintle hitch trailer.

  • Center atomizing nozzle.
  • Self-contained and heated water supply.
  • Air-focused odor control system.

Pioneering, mobile odor control.

OdorBoss OB-60G Odor Control System

OdorBoss® OB-60G

Atomized Mist Delivery System

Odor Control Chemical

OdorVore® Vapor Treatment

Effective with Low Dilution

OdorVore® Air Treatment

Effective with Atomized Mist

Dust and Odor Control Tower Systems

Dust Control Tower System

Extending Reach and Dropping Dust

Odor Control Tower System

Increasing Odor-Changing Coverage

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