Dust Control Towers


Elevate your dust suppression strategy with a DustBoss® Tower.

DustBoss towers provide elite dust suppression, creating a more effective reach with a downward throw. Towers provide ideal, concentrated coverage for dust generation points and large areas in need of constant dust suppression.

The standard DustBoss tower comprises of an atomized misting DustBoss cannon mounted to a carbon steel, hot dip galvanized pipe ranging up to 20 feet in height.


Fully customizable to your unique needs, DustBoss towers are designed specifically for your jobsite. Flange-mounted units feature programmable oscillation up to 359┬░ to provide coverage anywhere near the tower. Climbing rungs, work platforms, booster pumps, and additive metering systems are available options.

From the DB-30 to the DB-100, DustBoss is fully capable of efficiently suppressing particles in any sized jobsite.

The Elevation Advantage

Aiming down from above takes advantage of gravity, creating a downward flow that drives dust to the ground. Fugitive dust is wiped out by the use of a DustBoss tower, achieving superior range and particle control to prevent dust from migrating off-site.

Allowing for rapid start-up and easy adjustments, DustBoss automation and remote capabilities are available to control all functions from the ground.


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