DTI: Dust Control at Steel Mills

Dust control system throwing mist at steel mill roadway
Dust control system throwing mist at steel mill roadway

As the last branching option for demolition materials in the DustBoss throughout the Industries chart, steel materials are not only sent to scrap yards for processing, but they can also be transported directly to steel mills.

At the core of these facilities, steel mills take steel-based metals and melt them down to be cast for a usable product. Various processes executed can create large amounts of hazardous dust, and DustBoss equipment is there to keep the workers and surrounding community safe using dust control as part of the larger best safety practices required in steel mills.

DustBoss works to serve the steel mill job site by:

  1. Cooling the Surrounding Temperature and Equipment
  2. Controlling Tapping/Dumping Dust
Steel mill diagram


During the melting process of the steel-based demolition materials, the surrounding temperature can get unnecessarily hot. The furnaces used release copious amount of heat into the surrounding air, raising the temperature to undesirable heights. Here, DustBoss cannon units are ready to move the air and provide cooling in the steel mill facility. Cannon units are backed by industrial sized fans that typically propel atomized mist for dust control. Without engaging the water function of the unit, the machine easily operates as a large, air-directing fan. The constant air movement and specific position of a DustBoss helps reduce the ambient temperature in the melting facilities with the ability to push hot air out of the facility.

Often times the equipment used at steel mills becomes heated beyond the typical temperature for safe equipment exteriors. This is when using the atomized mist from DustBoss can help. The dust control systems apply a fine, cooling mist to the equipment without over saturating the area, equipment, or materials, further helping steel worker safety by reducing occupational hazards.

Dust control system mounted above steel mill operations


The processes related with impurity slag dumping can create vast amounts of harmful dust. These particles can migrate off the jobsite if not properly controlled. The tapping and dumping process generates large dust clouds as the hot slag is dumped from the ladles into the slag pit for cooling. DustBoss towers are ideal for slag pits requiring dust control. With the knowledge of repeated dust creation at the slag pits, fixed tower units are able to provide the best dust coverage possible. Towers utilize elevation and gravity to capture more dust at an ideal position.

Once the slag has spent some time cooling off in the designated slag pits, heavy equipment, like a front end loader, moves the tapped slag to another location for further cooling. Once the secondary cooling has occurred, the slag is transferred to its next area to be further processed. During this relocation process, dust is created when disturbing the slag. DustBoss cannon units suppress the generated dust wherever the disruption occurs using carriage mounts or a trailer for mobility and oscillation to cover a large area.

Dumping impurities into a slag pit is a spectacle to behold, but it comes with harmful amounts of dust. DustBoss is ready to implement dust control protecting and assisting in the crucial slag tapping process.

Once the entire steel mill processing has occurred, the end result is a steel-based product ready to be shipped through trucking or port facilities for future use.

The materials starting from the initial demolition have chosen their paths in the DustBoss throughout the Industries chart. Some have found their final resting place like waste materials at a landfill. Others are ready to move to the next and final step under the DustBoss watch like the newly found steel products from a steel mill. The last step of the journey will deliver the goods to their desired industry.

Dust control towers suppressing slag dumping dust


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