Clearing The Air About Industrial Dust & Odor Control and Crowd Cooling

Let's Clear the air...

Whether you're dealing with dust, odor, or heat, we have the solution. Guaranteed.

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What We Offer

We’ve built our reputation on industrial strength products, personalized customer service, and quality guarantees. We take pride in lightening your load. That is why our core customer base is repeat business.

Dust Suppression

“The performance of this design is better than any method we’d tried in the past.” Read More...

Tim Driesenga, Superintendent at PADNOS

Odor Control

“Every morning there would be at least one odor complaint on my voicemail, but from the moment we turned the OdorBoss on, they stopped completely.”

Chris McDermott, Sr. Project Manager at TRC Companies

Crowd Cooling

“The crowd literally turned away from the DJ and started dancing in the spray.”

Rutger Jansen, CEO at Backbone International Organizers of Electric Zoo music festival

We Are BossTek

We’re known for:

  • Equipment built to withstand the harshest environment
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Generous warranties
  • First month’s rent applied to any subsequent purchase
  • Both customized and out-of-the-box solutions
  • Exceptional customer service