Dust Control Systems for Asphalt and Concrete Recycling

Dust Control Ring Spraying Atomized Mist For Conveyor Dust Suppression
Dust Control Ring Spraying Atomized Mist For Conveyor Dust Suppression

Asphalt and concrete recyclers across America are implementing dust control to create safer environments for their workers and surrounding communities. With multiple points of dust generation, from conveyor movement and crusher breakdown, determining what dust control system to effectively suppress the dust particles can be a challenge. BossTek's DustBoss dust control systems are designed to take down dust at any desired stage of the recycling process.

BossTek strives to control dust in the smaller, concentrated areas of dust generation while also excelling in mass dust suppression coverage. The DustBoss Ring and DustBoss cannon units work in these areas to provide optimal dust control anywhere on-site.


DustBoss Ring For Conveyor Dust

Conveyors used in the recycling process to quickly and efficiently move materials from one on-site location to another can create dust at their discharge points. The material flow leaving the conveyor system creates harmful dust for those not taking preventive care. To prevent harm from befalling any nearby workers, DustBoss Rings attach to the conveyor systems with its standard mounting brackets at the discharge points to surround the exiting material flow and catch all of the new, fugitive dust particles implementing dust control.

DB-30 Mining Crusher Operation With Dust Suppression

For recycling operations needing to cover sizable machinery, like a crusher, DustBoss cannon units provide maximum dust control to reach large areas in need of serious dust suppression. These units throw a large plume of atomized mist into the air via the fan-driven cannon, capturing the fine dust particles and dropping them to the ground. A large range of throw distances allow for the units to provide to perfect amount of coverage for each job. Tower mounts are available to elevate the cannon and provide larger coverage with a more powerful, downward throw. These heightened cannons are ideal for areas with repeated dust generation.


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