Atomized Mist Aids During Concrete Curing

For over a decade, BossTek's DustBoss dust control systems have suppressed fugitive dust particles at job sites around the world. Anywhere there is dust, DustBoss finds a home. Frequently used in demolition, scrap metal recycling, at port facilities and more, DustBoss goes to battle with the advantage on the opposing, dusty team. As new opportunties arise, DustBoss units leave their home turf to bring the heat to another industry, fighting a new opponent.

Arid & hot conditions are one of the latest to jump in the ring with the DustBoss, as it sets out to help the concrete paving industry. Particularly during hotter months or in areas with desert-like climates, cannon units are being employed to regulate and maintain environmental conditions that are an integral factor during the pouring and curing processes. In common use, DustBoss equipment utilizes its fine atomized mist to capture dust particles and drop them to the ground. In concrete curing, these tiny water droplets help with two important aspects of successfully settling concrete.

  1. Maintaining an appropriate concrete moisture level.
  2. Lowering the ambient temperature effecting the concrete.

Concrete Curing and Dust Control

Properly installing large amounts of concrete requires regulation of humidity levels throughout the project. Maintaining the appropriate amount of moisture can be a significant challenge. Too much or too little can cause the concrete to fail and quickly multiply the overall project cost. DustBoss equipment sprays mist to increase humidity levels without over-saturating. When run at opportune times for an appropriate duration, atomized mist provides optimal conditions for delivering a successful (and compliant) finished product.

The other aspect DustBoss dust control systems assist with in the curing of concrete is lowering the ambient temperature affecting the concrete. When operating the equipment, the tiny water droplets cool the air it is directed toward. Running the unit during times of excessive heat lowers the temperature on the job site and the concrete itself. This not only helps maintain proper conditions for curing concrete but helps keeps the workers cool and safe during the sweltering summer days.

DustBoss has been used in many cases for assistance in maintaining optimal concrete curing. Companies like Southwest Concrete Paving Company (SWCP) have enlisted DustBoss dust control systems to use its atomized mist spray to maintain the pavement up to the Army Corp of Engineer government concrete standards. Recently, the company laid concrete at an airfield in a desert environment, and they used DustBoss equipment to combat the arid climate.

Atomized Mist Being Used While Curing Concrete
Atomized Mist Being Used While Curing Concrete

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