Multi-Purpose Dust Control System Designed For Dispersing Additives

DB-30 Injektor Running In Grass Field
DB-30 Injektor Running In Grass Field

BossTek® has developed a new, multi-purpose dust control system that is available today worldwide. At the heart of BossTek’s design philosophy is customer feedback. Taking the time to talk to the people actually using the equipment is vital for machine innovation. The new DustBoss® DB-30 Injektor™ follows suit and has been engineered in direct response to customer feedback. Many clients used DustBoss equipment in various dust-generating industries but also needed a separate piece of equipment to neutralize odor in the air. They desired one system that could do both. With this advice, BossTek worked to create a new and retrofittable system that could act as a dust control and dispersing system for additives, using water as the vehicle. Today, the DB-30 Injektor is at work on multiple job sites around the world, acting as a multi-function unit and answering customers’ needs.

DB-30 Injektor On-Site Dispersing Chemical Mist

The Injektor unit is designed to dose in customer-selected additives to control dust and disperse chemical without creating a new headache on the job site. Just turn on the system, set the desired metering rate and hit start to meter in the chemical. With an injected water flow, the system disperses the additive long distances in the form of atomized mist. The flexibility of dispersing chemicals allows the unit to be applied to many industries.

"When we first started thinking about creating the DB-30 Injektor, we put the customers’ needs at the forefront. We wanted them to save money by purchasing one unit that could do the job of two. Less spending and doing the job better than before."

Jason Lesch, BossTek Chief of Engineering


The DB-30 Injektor thrives in industries where odor control and large-scale disinfectant are needed in addition to dust suppression. Places like transfer stations and soil remediation jobs are perfect examples of needing a system that can perform both dust and odor control. By dosing in odor chemical, like OdorVore®, the Injektor unit can stop dust and neutralize foul-smelling odors at the same time. Rising in necessity is the ability to disinfect a job site. Once again, the system acts as a multi-purpose unit by providing already needed dust control and the capability of large-scale disinfecting to keep workspaces clean and safe. Of course, job sites come in all sorts of sizes, so knowing some of the DB-30 Injektor specifications can help test if it is right for the job.

"The system is designed to be exceptionally flexible in function. The ability to dose in whatever chemical you desire really allows the unit to be effective in a wide range of industries.” said Mike Lewis, Vice President of Sales.

Mike Lewis, BossTek Vice President of Sales

The DB-30 Injektor acts with the same performance specifications as the usual DB-30. The system throws the atomized mist chemical mixture 100 feet (30 meters) and comes standard with 70° oscillation. The unit is also customizable with an optional 359° oscillation range granting a total coverage of 34,000 square feet (3,158 square meters) and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) altering the mist plume size for varying job sites. The equipment also can be mobilized or elevated using a diverse array of mounting options to meet each site’s needs. With flexibility in throw, oscillation and mounting configurations, the DustBoss DB-30 Injektor can work on any job site.


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