Dust Control in the Life of Gypsum

Dust control in the life of gypsum
Dust control in the life of gypsum

Thousands of demolition projects occur across the world each year, and many of the jobsites worry about the hazards from gypsum dust. Existing as the main component in drywall, large amounts of gypsum dust are created in housing demolitions.

As highly trained professionals, demolition companies must take special precautions and actions to keep their employees and the surrounding community out of harm's way. Dust control systems like DustBoss are implemented to suppress fugitive gypsum particles and are an essential part of the demolition process.

Strategies for dust management must not only be considered during the demolition phase of gypsum's life cycle. Material handling processes, such as mining, transporting and storing gypsum, also create dust which can be hazardous to those exposed.

Making gypsum at facility


During any mining application, digging into the earth creates fugitive dust through disrupting settled materials. Gypsum mining is no different. Using heavy machinery to unearth the desired mineral creates dust from not only the earthen surrounding but specifically generates harmful gypsum dust.

Dust control techniques are implemented to suppress the developed dust and protect the workers and surrounding environment. DustBoss cannon units use atomized mist backed by a powerful fan to create a blanketing throw of dust decimating mist. The mist envelops the airborne dust particles and drops them to the ground, reducing the dust in the air and sealing the surface the mist lands on.

Once the gypsum has been retrieved from the earth, it is transferred and used in a creation facility for a new industry, or it is put into storage before applied in the creation process.

Mining with dust control system and excavator


From the outside looking in, piles of materials at a jobsite do not seem to be a spawn point of dust. From the inside point of view, many see that these piles can generate unruly dust during unfavorable weather conditions. High winds can blow copious amounts of dust around and off the jobsite disturbing workers and their surroundings.

Finding a compelling dust strategy powerful enough to operate effectively can be a challenge. DustBoss dust control units withstand the harshest settings and supply optimal dust suppression despite adverse circumstances. Implementing oscillation of the barrel and the vertical adjustment jack, the units can be positioned to directly stop migrating dust and seal the creation point of gypsum piles.

Gypsum plays an essential role in the construction of buildings and houses, but when not properly handled throughout its life cycle, it can cause irreversible harm through fugitive dust. Implementation of dust suppression techniques is essential to protect workers on-site during mining, storage, and demolition processes.

Gypsum stockpile indoors


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