California Auto Shredder Goes High-Tech with Dust Control at Recycling Facility

auto recycling dust suppression

SA Recycling refuses to settle for conventional hoses and sprinklers.

The Anaheim, CA (USA) automotive recycler has adopted a two-stage strategy that combines a damp shredding operation with specially-designed suppression DustBoss equipment.

As a result, the site is able to maintain excellent control of airborne particles, helping to prevent potential inhalation by workers and drastically reduce nuisance dust that could otherwise escape into the local community.

“All of our operations are designed to use the latest control technologies to help us meet the highest standards of environmental health and safety,” said President George Adams. “That includes protecting the ecology as well as our employees.”

"We needed something more to keep the particulates down, especially when we're loading the shredder waste into trucks."

- President George Adams


After reviewing several different options, the company selected the DustBoss DB-60,  high-volume, ducted fan dust suppression equipment mounted on a movable carriage. With an adjustable throw angle from 0–50° elevation, 40° of oscillation and a range of up to 210 feet, the unit provides SA Recycling operators with outstanding coverage of the loading area.

The unit blankets as much as 21,000 square feet (1,950 square meters) with a fine mist of water droplets that are atomized to 50-200 microns in size. The powerful 25 HP fan generates 30,000 CFM of forced air.

The thinking behind atomized mist dust suppression technology is that fugitive dust particles tend to be quite small, so the water should be atomized to droplets near that same size for maximum attraction. The nozzles and fan must be designed to work together for optimum flow, spray angle and delivery pressure to achieve the droplet size, velocity and distribution needed.

The DB-60 also incorporates a 10 HP booster pump for increasing water pressure by as much as 150 PSI. At a boosted pressure of 200 psi, the machine uses about 20-30 gpm.

Fed by a 1-1/2" quick-disconnect hose, the unit requires just 10 PSI of constant pressure to supply 30 specially-designed nozzles. The manufacturer offers an optional dosing pump that can be used to automatically meter in odor control additives or surfactants for superior particle capture.

“We run the DustBoss any time we're loading or moving material,” said Adams. “There’s one at the Anaheim facility and another at our Terminal Island location.”

Shredder dust control

dust suppression at auto recycling plantThe company’s Anaheim operation employs one of the heavyweights of the shredding industry, the 124 SXS from the Shredder Company (Canutillo, TX). It features a double feed roller system weighing over 70,000 pounds, driven by a 7000 HP motor.

With programmable logic controllers, touch screen monitors and real time data feedback, the “smart” shredder is designed for rapid, consistent decision-making and one of the lowest per-unit costs of any comparable equipment.

Like many of the new shredder plants on the market, the 124 SXS uses a computer-controlled water injection system for initial dust control, which also helps eliminate excess heat and reduce any possibility of explosion.

“Damp shredding is part of the dust control equation,” said Adams. “But we’ve found that the outflow dries fairly quickly, especially in hot weather. So we needed something more to keep the particulates down, especially when we're loading the shredder waste into trucks.”

The mega shredder can process about 230 tons of scrap per hour, or more than three cars per minute.

“The DustBoss has been a great help in trapping dust which might otherwise make its way into the air,” Adams concluded. “In fact, we’ve ordered two more machines to be delivered this year for other facilities.”

SA Recycling is a joint venture between Adams Steel and the Sims Group Ltd. that delivers state of the art metal recycling from a network of 27 locations, primarily serving California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.

SA Recycling

Anaheim, CA (USA)

Develop a dust control plan that would help suppress dust at a large automotive shredding facility, enhancing workplace safety and preventing the escape of nuisance dust into the local community.

SA Recycling decided to implement a two-stage approach to dust suppression. The firm employs computer-controlled water injection for its damp shredding operation, helping to prevent dust from becoming mobile. Airborne particles are controlled by a DustBoss DB-60, a high-volume, ducted fan dust suppressor mounted on a movable carriage. The rugged, portable ducted fan design features a 25 HP motor that generates 30,000 CFM of air volume and variable oscillation capable of covering 21,000 square feet of area from a fixed position.

Thanks to its comprehensive dust control plan, the site is able to maintain excellent control of airborne particles, helping to prevent potential inhalation by workers and drastically reduce nuisance dust. The DustBoss equipment has proven so successful that the company has ordered two additional machines to be delivered to its other facilities.

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