BossTek in Dust Suppression and Odor Control Industries

DustBoss and OdorBoss equipment works in a wide span of industries that require potent forms of suppression. The equipment thrives in these scenarios, stopping dust and odor in its tracks.

DustBoss dust control systems have lots of experience in the demolition industry and can drive slag pit emissions to the ground. They prevent particles from migrating off-site during scrap recycling operations and much more at many different industries.

OdorBoss odor control systems have neutralized odors at foul smelling sites across North America. The machines have fought against food processing slurry odors, landfill waste stench, site remediation funks, and more odorous jobs.

All of the Let's Clear the Air industry videos have been released! These feature DustBoss and OdorBoss suppression equipment actively working in dusty or odor producing industries.

In the demolition dust control video, the mobile, self-powered DB-60 Fusion implements atomized mist to control dust particles at two different jobsites: Peoria, Il for River City Demolition and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Check out all of our glimpses into the many industries BossTek works to help provide dust control and odor suppression for!

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