Odor Emissions: A New Social and Legal Dynamic

Adding sustainable and environmentally-responsible odor control technology reduces complaints and scrutiny from regulators, helps avoid fines or lawsuits, improves community relations and protects the reputation of the company.

Waste Advantage, one of the industry’s leading publications, featured an article by BossTek’s Odor Specialist, Mike Lewis, examining the impact of odor emissions as well as what can be done to minimize the negative effects of odor.  Throughout this article, Mike describes the impact of odor on companies and their surrounding communities.  He also examines the solutions available for odor control, explaining what can be done to tackle odor and why specific strategies are more successful.  [Read the full article here.]

Waste Advantage Article | BossTek

Waste Advantage Magazine
January 2018 (Vol. 9, No. 1)

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