Introducing portable dust suppression system with dedicated power source

Even in isolated construction or demolition projects located in places with little infrastructure, dust can choke worksites and foul equipment.

Developed in response to customer demand, the low maintenance, direct-drive DustBoss units can now be paired with a diesel generator and mounted on a trailer for easy hauling to and around job sites that lack a convenient power source.

The DustBoss Fusion™ pairs the DustBoss with a genset featuring a John Deere Tier III Flex engine with a 100-gallon fuel tank, allowing up to 24 hours of runtime.

Some portable dust control systems claim to be completely self-contained because they include a water tank on the trailer. However, the size of the water tank typically does not allow for a runtime of any significance, which is why the units often include a bypass feature.

The DustBoss and gen set are mounted together on a heavy-duty trailer with a steel frame and roadworthy tires for towing at highway speeds. Weighing a total of 6,550 lbs. (2,971 kilos), it can be towed by any vehicle with suitable towing capacity equipped with a Class IV ball hitch.

At just 80 inches (2.03 meters) wide, it can be placed virtually anywhere dust suppression is needed and adjusted based on changes in wind or work activity.

The optional dosing pump is powered from the standard 120V electrical outlet on the gen set, allowing operators to precisely meter surfactants or other additives.

The Fusion’s versatility makes it suitable for uneven ground, as well as open spaces or tiered terrain.

Full control and maintenance readings are located on a control panel inside the generator. The mobile dust control system does feature a convenient on/off function for the gen set located outside the generator so operators do not need to access the interior to turn it on and off.

The Fusion carries an industry-leading 3-year/3000-hour warranty on the dust suppressor and a 2-year/2000-hour warranty on the gen set.

portable dust control equipment
The DB-60 Fusion portable dust suppression system is powered by an efficient generator for job sites with no utility service.
mobile dust suppression system
The unit is engineered to be highly mobile, and can be set up for use with potable or non-potable water.

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