Winterized dust suppression: Snow can’t stop dust control

mist dust suppression machines can run is cold temperatures

Designed for the toughest job sites, DustBoss is fully functional in cold temperatures.

suppress dust at demo

Adamo Demolition ran two DB-60s in freezing temps during the demolition of an airport terminal.












‘Can this thing make snow?’

That’s one of the most common questions we get about the DustBoss fan units.

The answer is no. While sharing some characteristics of snow maker cannons, the dust suppression mist cannons cannot make snow.

So when the weather outside is frightful, feel free to run it. You will not turn your operation into a luxury ski resort. There are considerations, however.

One of the great things about mist dust control is that it uses less water than traditional methods like hoses or sprinklers.

But as with any sort of spray, there is a potential for water to collect on the ground and freeze. Workers will need to be cognizant of the potential slip hazard underneath the plume.

Keeping your dust suppression system running is in itself a safety necessity. If your operation doesn’t shut down when it snows, your dust control can’t either.

For added insurance, mist dust controllers can be built specifically for harsh winter environments. Components of the machine can be heat traced and valves can be strategically placed to avoid freezing water lines.

Even standard dust suppression fans can work fine in freezing temperatures with a few preparations.


When not running, set the unit to drain properly by following the guidelines below:


DB-60, DB-100, and DB-45

Disconnect the main inlet hose from the water supply.

Release the drain valve under the high pressure pump (if equipped). Lever should be turned to the vertical position to drain.

Turn the valve on the misting ring to the vertical position to drain. Disconnect the black hose that leads from the pump to the misting ring to drain using the quickcam disconnect.


Turn the orange valve on the misting ring to a vertical position (in line with the prefilter) to drain the prefilter.

Turn the main inlet valve to a vertical position (in line with the inlet line) to drain the misting ring.

And for all units, remember to always protect your hose from freezing. Happy winter dust fighting!



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