OdorBoss Fusion Revolutionizes Odor Control

Providing innovative solutions expands well beyond dust control as BossTek unveils the latest in the line of OdorBoss® products. Developed to meet the needs of customers across a variety of industries, the new, autonomous mobile system uses no water to reduce odors at landfills, composting facilities, soil remediation projects, food procession, waste water operations and other large-scale applications.

Unlike convention odor control equipment that uses a water-base delivery system, the OdorBoss Fusion takes a different approach, with a patent-pending delivery system that eliminates the need for water dilution.  The unique nozzle technology and powerful ducted fan distribute the company’s highly-effective odor control chemicals over a wide area, and the fully-contained, self-powered unit can run for more than a week without operator intervention.

OdorBoss Fusion Mobile Odor Control Equipment

The new design offers a fully customizable chemical flow and dispersion method.  Operators are able to adjust chemical output by determining run time intervals and duty cycles to suit specific application needs.  Powered by an industrial generator in a deluxe enclosure, the OdorBoss Fusion provides a continuous run time of up to 10 straight days without refueling and as much as two months of operation from a standard 275 gallon tote.  The fully biodegradable family of chemicals is effective on a wide range of odor sources, including VOCs, sulfides, mercaptans, amines and even ammonia.  The unit features a heated enclosure and nozzle with heat tracing to allow operation in virtually any weather.

Mounted on a rugged agricultural trailer with foam-filled tires, the entire system is engineered with industrial-strength components to withstand difficult operating environments.  It can also be ordered on a street-legal, roadworthy trailer for customers who may want to transport the equipment between facilities.

“This design incorporates the features and benefits that have been identified as most important by our customers and others in a wide range of odor-producing industries.” - Jason Lesch (Project Engineer)

With a fuel capacity of 200 gallons, the generator employs an EPA Tier IV compliant engine, which also meets EU Stage IIIB emissions standards.  The control panel is housed in a protective NEMA 3R cabinet, and the touch-screen controls allow adjustment of duty cycle and output time.  Electrical components are NFPA 110 compliant.

OdorBoss Fusion Odor Control Equipment

“This design incorporates the features and benefits that have been identified as most important by our customers and others in a wide range of odor-producing industries,” commented BossTek Project Engineer Jason Lesch.  “It’s highly mobile and operates for extended periods without operator intervention, with the ability to adjust chemical usage rates to suit the needs of specific applications.  And the unique nozzle technology delivers unmatched versatility, allowing operators to customize operation to best suit their individual conditions.”

The nozzle produces chemical droplets in a specific size range, and the powerful 7.5 HP fan delivers an air flow of 9,200 CFM (260.50 CMM) to further atomize the liquid for wide area dispersion.  Precise aiming is provided by user-defined oscillation of 0° to 359°, with a vertical adjustment of -18° to 51°.  The OdorVore odor control chemicals can be specified as unscented or with a variety of natural tracer scents to help confirm the unit’s efficacy, including cinnamon and fresh-cut grass.

Customer-Oriented Odor Solutions

“We’ve evolved over the years from a well-respected equipment supplier to a custom solutions provider,” Lesch continued.  “Our new and emerging technologies are developed to meet stated industry needs, with input from a broad spectrum of odor-producing operations.

“After a number of years in the odor control industry, we’ve received valuable customer feedback from a wide range of different applications,” he added.  “That input has helped us to continue the evolution of the OdorBoss into the latest generation, with features such as onboard power and eliminating the need for water dilution."

Like all of the company’s equipment designs, the OdorBoss Fusion is backed by an industry-leading 3-year/3,000 hour warranty, with a 2-year/2,000 hour warranty on gensets.

Following a successful business plan implemented with its dust control equipment, BossTek maintains a rental fleet to allow rapid response to customer requirements for odor control.  Initial trials and early sales have demonstrated the effectiveness of the design, and the company will continue to offer its “try before you buy” option, as well as a discount to customers who rent prior to making a purchase.  The sales team has already planned to demonstrate the new design across the country this summer, making site visits to prospective buyers so they can see the equipment in action under their own specific operating conditions.

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