Fight fire with the FlameBoss!

Slow fires with the FlameBoss® attachment for DustBoss® cannons. This fire management equipment allows for DustBoss units to find a new use in fire suppression!

The Attachment

The FlameBoss allows DustBoss cannons to easily switch between applications of dust and fire suppression. Dispensing over 90 gallons of concentrated water per minute and reaching over 100 feet, the FlameBoss effectively manages stockpile flare ups. The attachment provides excellent fire management while offering an economical and effective solution.

Directing the water to two powerful, concentrated nozzles above the spray manifold, the FlameBoss provides optimal fire prevention, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity at your jobsite.

The FlameBoss is easily retrofitted to any currently owned dust control units. With the attachment, your DustBoss can be turned into a FlameBoss at the flip of a switch!

DustBoss Benefits

The FlameBoss takes advantage of the industry-leading DustBoss cannon unit features.

  • Mobility - provides mobile fire suppression through a carriage mount, trailer or other available options.
  • Oscillation - covers a massive range with up to 359° oscillation available.
  • Durability - equipment that is built to withstand the harshest jobsites and still run a decade later.
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