OSHA Recommended Silica Dust Solution: DustBoss ® 60


The OSHA Compliance Silica Dust Suppressor

Combining power and mobility, the DustBoss® 60 (DB-60) is the industry’s most versatile dust control cannon—covering more than two American football fields in dust-trapping mist with its powerful 30,000 CFM fan.

That’s why the DB-60 is the only cannon that Center for Construction Research and Training, a partner of OSHA, lists as an option for control of airborne silica dust.

DustBoss uses atomized mist—the only dust control technology that provides both airborne and surface suppression. It creates airborne suppression by sending tiny atomized water droplets into the air to capture fugitive dust particles and take them to the ground. And it provides surface suppression when those atomized droplets impact on the surface and seal themselves there—along with the dust.

  • Throw: 200 feet (60 meters)
  • Standard coverage 40° oscillation: 21,000 ft2 (1,950 m2)
  • Optional 359° oscillation coverage: 125,000 ft2 (11,613 m2)
  • Water usage: 12 gpm (45.4 lpm) to 26.7 gpm (101.1 lpm)
  • Direct-drive motor
  • Standard mount: Three-wheeled carriage; other mounts available
  • Adjustable throw angle: 0° to 50°
  • Warranty: 3 years / 3,000 hours
  • Available: in genset / trailer packages

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