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Construction & Demolition companies across the U.S. are seeking new methods for controlling dust in light of OSHA's new silica regulations. Generating respirable crystalline silica dust can lead to irreversible damage for those who are exposed. For this reason, OSHA is implementing the Respirable Crystalline Standard for Construction, 29 CRF 1926.1153.

Atomized misting cannons, like the DustBoss pictured above, are an effective way to suppress silica dust. Call today to schedule your free demo & site evaluation. Our Dust Specialists are ready to help you meet and exceed OSHA's new silica standards.

The compliance deadline for this new rule is June 23rd, 2018. At this time, OSHA will begin enforcing the silica regulations, resulting in heavy fines or downtime for companies and contractors who have not taken proper measures to control silica dust. OSHA has provided a fact sheet, containing recommended dust control solutions for minimizing airborne particles and effectively suppression silica dust created by heavy equipment and utility vehicles.  [Read the full fact sheet here.]


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