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Dust Control for Ports & Terminals

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As a major component of the transportation industry, ports regularly handle massive amounts of dust-generating material. From coal to grain and everything in between, constant disruption while loading and unloading cargo causes fugitive particles to escape into the air. Containing potentially harmful minerals, such as silica, the dust generated during these activities is extremely hazardous to employees and the surrounding community. Implementing an effective dust control strategy becomes vital to meeting compliance regulations, protecting workers and maintaining positive relations with the surrounding community.

With almost two decades of experience, DustBoss® is a widely known solution for controlling dust at ports and terminals. Utilizing atomized mist technology, DustBoss products are engineered to trap particles and bring them to the ground. Our team specializes in finding the ideal system and setup to meet each facility’s specific needs. The DB-R Ring can be installed at conveyor and chute discharge points, commonly used to eliminate dust when loading barges or trucks. Our flagship unit, the DB-60, is a mobile misting cannon that can be easily moved around the terminal to control dust wherever needed. Dust cannons can also be mounted on towers or existing structures to provide an elevated angle of attack. The new DustBoss Surge® center nozzle provides a streamlined flow to combat the windy conditions frequently experienced at waterfront locations. Our team will evaluate your needs and provide a virtual site analysis to help you create an effective dust management strategy.

BossTek® has a reputation for delivering reliable equipment that is backed by an industry-leading warranty and unparalleled customer support. Contact our dust control specialists today to reduce harmful emissions and start creating cleaner, safer and more productive work environments.

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For almost two decades, BossTek® has provided the most effective and reliable dust control solutions for the ports & terminals.

Ports across the world rely on DustBoss® to control dust. Utilizing proven atomized misting technology, dust particles are captured and brought to the ground preventing them from migrating offsite.

Our experienced team of dust management specialists are available to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal solution for you.


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