DB-30 Dust Control


Don’t let its size fool you…. Our smallest dust suppression cannon outperforms many larger ones

The DustBoss® 30 (DB-30) is the most compact of the DustBoss family of fan-driven dust suppression equipment, capable of covering half of an American Football field in light mist using just a standard garden hose.

This nimble unit comes mounted on a wheeled carriage standard, allowing readjustment without additional equipment.

  • Throw: more than 100 feet (30 meters).
  • Standard 70° oscillation coverage: 5,500 square feet (511 square meters).
  • Optional 359° oscillation coverage: 31,000 square feet (2,880 square meters).
  • Water usage: 1.4 gpm (5.3 lpm) to 2.8 gpm (10.6 lpm).
  • Direct-drive motor.
  • Standard mount: Three wheeled carriage. Other mounts available.
  • Adjustable throw angle: 0° to 50°.
  • Warranty: 3 years / 3,000 hours

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