Environmental Remediation

Dust & Odor Control for Environmental Remediation

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Reclaiming industrial sites for reuse requires an abundance of preparation and caution to ensure nothing potentially harmful is left behind. Timelines and budgets for remediation projects are often tight. When contractors break ground and find containments in the soil, such as coal or lead, this can cause major setbacks.

Fortunately, BossTek® provides solutions that can help eliminate potential downtime and ensure projects meet local and federal compliance guidelines. For over a decade, BossTek equipment has utilized atomize mist to effectively combat dust & odor. The DustBoss® cannons capture fugitive particles and safely bring them to the ground to prevent them from migrating offsite. Our latest innovation, the DB-30 Injektor™ combines atomized mist with eco-friendly, neutralizing chemical to deliver both dust and odor control in one multi-purpose unit.

Our team values the efforts being taken to remediate vacant properties to give them new life. We are here to eliminate your dust and odor concerns while providing personalized service and support along the way. Contact us today to schedule your free site analysis and discuss which solutions are best for your next project.

Effective solutions for your site!

For almost two decades, BossTek® has provided the most effective and reliable dust & odor control solutions for the environmental remediation.

Companies across the world rely on DustBoss® to control dust & odors on job sites. Utilizing proven atomized misting technology, fugitive particles and foul odors are captured and eliminated to prevent them from migrating offsite.

Our experienced team of dust & odor management specialists are available to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal solution for you.


Dust control for your next demolition or construction project is just a click away!


Dust control for your next project is just a click away!