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Dust Control for Steel & Slag

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The presence of dust during steel manufacturing and recycling can create unnecessary headaches for operators as well the surrounding community. Fugitive dust particles become airborne as slag is tapped into ladles, transported and dumped into cooling areas and processed for recycling. Once in the air, these particles can quickly migrate offsite and become problematic for neighboring businesses and communities. Dust is a nuisance and the issues it causes can quickly become wide spread if proper mitigation actions are not taken.

In effort to avoid compliance issues, fines and potential litigation, facilities have turned to modern solutions that utilize atomized mist technology to suppress dust. For almost two decades, DustBoss® equipment has been trusted to capture fugitive dust and prevent it from leaving the site. As the leading mobile dust control solution, DustBoss units offer versatility with a wide range of throw and various mounting options. Tower systems can be installed to elevate your attack on dust above dump pockets and cooling areas. Remote technology allows full control of a single unit or entire system from the ground. Operators can easily activate the misting cannon(s) from the cab of the carrier or loader. Systems can also be automated to provide seamless, hands-free operation of DustBoss equipment when dust suppression is needed. Atomized mist has also been proven to lower the ambient air temperature which provides the added benefit of assisting with the cooling process.

At BossTek®, we value the efforts being taken across the steel & slag industry to reduce waste and transform recycled material into innovative second-use products. Our team is here to eliminate your dust concerns while providing personalized service and support along way. Contact us today to schedule your free site analysis and discuss ways to implement an effective dust suppression strategy.

Don't Get Left In The Dust!

For almost two decades, BossTek® has provided the most effective and reliable dust control solutions for the slag industry.

Companies across the world rely on DustBoss® to control dust at steel mills and slag processing facilities. Utilizing proven atomized misting technology, dust particles are captured and brought to the ground preventing them from migrating offsite.

Our experienced team of dust management specialists are available to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal solution for you.


Dust control for your next demolition or construction project is just a click away!


Dust control for your next project is just a click away!