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Dust Control for Coal & Power Generation

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For power plants and facilities handling massive amounts of coal a year, managing dust emissions is a huge priority. Coal dust is a safety hazard, an environmental nuisance and can increase maintenance costs of equipment. Managing coal dust is vital to worker health and imperative to meeting safety regulations. Agencies such as OSHA and MSHA have been ramping up enforcement of dust emission standards in light of emerging research that suggests long-term, life threatening impacts of fugitive dust particles. Implementing an effective dust management strategy helps companies meet compliance regulations and maintain position relations with surrounding communities.

Fugitive dust can be generated during stackout, transportation or storage of coal. Disruption of the material from onsite activities or environmental factors (such as wind) causes particles to become airborne and hazardous. There are a wide range of techniques available to control and prevent dust from becoming problematic. Misting cannons have become the predominant method for dust management based on their ease of use, cost-effectiveness and proven success. Systems such as the DustBoss® utilize atomized mist technology to trap dust and drive it to the ground. As one of the most versatile dust control solutions, DustBoss offers multiple cannon sizes that can be mounted on trailers for mobility around the site or raised on towers to elevate your angle of attack.

At BossTek®, we have almost two decades of experience providing effective and reliable dust suppression solutions. Our equipment is backed by an industry-leading warranty and unparalleled customer support. Contact our dust control specialists today to reduce harmful dust and start creating cleaner, safer and more productive work environments.

Don't Get Left In The Dust!

For almost two decades, BossTek® has provided the most effective and reliable dust control solutions for the power generation industry.

Companies across the world rely on DustBoss® to control dust at coal-fired power plants. Utilizing proven atomized mist technology, dust particles are captured and brought to the ground preventing them from migrating offsite.

Our experienced team of dust management specialists are available to discuss your specific needs and determine the ideal solution for you.


Dust control for your facility is just a click away!


Dust control for your facility is just a click away!