Preparing for your Dustboss

Unloading the Unit.

When your DustBoss first arrives, you will need to unload the unit. Work with a customer service representative to decide whether you will need a fork lift to remove the unit from the truck, or use a dock that the machine could be rolled off onto. If the DustBoss is a Fusion unit, use a truck, with the appropriate hitch, to remove it from the freight carrier.

Leveling the Unit.

Once the unit is unloaded, you will want to position it on even ground. Make sure the barrel is free from any obstacles, so it can use its full oscillation range. Fully extend the stabilizing jack on the unit, so the machine is level and locked in place for optimal usage.

Visual Pre-Startup Inspection.

Since the DustBoss has not be used yet, there may be a shipping pin inserted in the machine. Before using the oscillation or electric jack when equipped, make sure any shipping pins are removed. Also, verify the drain on the booster pump is closed. If it is not, close it.

Water Source for the Unit.

All DustBoss units require a water source. Water can be obtained from a hydrant, a water truck, and a non-potable water source. Custom pumps can be provided. A high-lift pump for drawing water from a stationary source can be specified too.

The DB-45, DB-60, DB-100, DB-60 Fusion, and the DB-100 Fusion all require a 1 ½ inch cam-and-groove fitting to attach the hose to the unit. These units also require an in-line 30 mesh, 595 micron filter to be used at all times. The DB-30 uses a 5/8 inch garden hose connection. This unit requires an in-line 75 mesh, 200 micron filter to be used at all times.

Recommended supply pressure for most machine configurations is 40-80 psi.

Power Source for the Unit.

When obtaining the power source for the DB-30, DB-45, DB-60, and DB-100, you can start by either sourcing your own plug for the unit, or you can wire it directly to your power source. Always consult an electrician when wiring the units. The fusion units do not require an outside power source since they have a genset and fuel tank paired with the cannon.

Technical Support.

Technical support is available. Call BossTek at 309.362.7039. Call Jason at 309.693.8600 (ext. 124).