Pump Package for Dust Control Systems

Pump Package

Water Supply For smaller applications and conveyor discharge points

The pump package is designed to work with stationary DustBoss systems built for smaller applications. Compatible with the DB-M Mini and the DB-Ring, the pump package delivers the appropriate, filtered water supply for the job.

The package offers 6 quick disconnects for attachable water lines. Multiple dust control units run off of one central location while maintaining the optimal water supply for the small dust suppression units.

  • Compatible with DB-M Mini and DB-Ring.
  • Six (6) 1" female aluminum quick disconnect.
  • Filtration for potable or non-potable water use.
  • Controls through either local or remote modes.
  • Galvanized steel frame with forklift spots for transportation.
  • Fill out the form for booster and supply pump specifications.
Pump Package for Dust Control Systems

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