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Available for purchase or rent by the month, our dust suppression systems eliminate dust at your project with atomized mist.

Our units are built like a tank and withstand the harshest job sites, providing the best dust suppression for many years to come.

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Dust Suppression That Works.


See how Josh Mazander at DMS Contracting controlled dust at their 8-month military base demolition with DustBoss.

Dust Suppression That Works.

See how Josh Mazander at DMS Contracting controlled dust at their 8-month military base demolition with DustBoss.

End Dust With The DustBoss® Atomized Misting Method.

Our dust suppression equipment utilizes the most effective method to catching and dropping airborne dust. Atomized mist.

Backed by a powerful fan, DustBoss cannons throw fine mist, 50 - 200 microns in size, up to 100 meters to collide with dust particles and bring them to the ground with the use of gravity.

Water Droplet Size Comparison

Atomized Mist Size Diagram

Dust Suppression Methods

Slipstream Effect Diagram

This method is used with DustBoss systems around the world at industrial sites to suppress dust!

What Industrial Companies Are Saying


We had zero complaints about dust over the entire life of the demolition project. Everyone loves the machines, and now I wouldn't be without them.

Daniel Susalla

Superintendent, Adamo Demolition Co.

Colorado Cleanup Corporation

It (DustBoss®) created a big curtain around the zone where we directed it, which pulled the dust right out of the air.

Chris Formanek

Senior Project Manager, Colorado Cleanup Corporation

Bolander Logo

This is the best dust controller machine that I have ever seen.

Eric Sundbo

Environmental Scientist, Carl Bolander & Sons Co.

Advantages of DustBoss Services Via Equipment

Running a DustBoss on your job site quickly brings these three benefits to your project.

Demolition Safe

Protect yourself from harmful dust particles and serious lung diseases. Stop dust from reaching your neighbors and surrounding community.

Demolition Savings

Efficiently use water and save on your utility bill. Avoid fines and citations with regulation compliant dust control systems.

Demolition Dust Control Warranty

DustBoss® dust suppression cannons are guaranteed with a 3-year / 3,000 hour warranty. Rent for a week, and if you're not happy, we take it back, no questions asked.


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