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3 Ways DustBoss® Innovates Your Dust Suppression

DustBoss® atomized mist technology. Developed solely and specifically with dust suppression in mind.

Water Droplet Measurement

Droplet Sizes Effective For Dust Suppression

DustBoss® dust suppression systems use atomized mist to capture your airborne dust particles. This fine mist is in the 50 - 200 micron range, ideal for suppressing dust.

Air and Rocks

Control Airborne And Surface Dust

Atomized mist is the only technology that can drive both your airborne dust particles to the ground and seal the surface upon impact to prevent fugitive dust.

Save Water

Save Tons Of Water

Switching to atomized mist over older techniques can save you considerable amounts of water and money. Compared to sprinklers, DustBoss® uses up to 21 times less water.


For years, companies suppressed dust using hoses and sprinklers. One was made for irrigation and the other for putting out fires. Both are really good at what they were originally intended for; providing maximum water flow.

Research has proven that these methods are not effective methods for controlling dust and can often cause more harm than good.

Over the last decade, a lot of thought has been given to dust. Products developed specifically for dust suppression are based off a few principles in making regulatory compliance easier and more cost-effective.

One of these new methods in dust suppression, DustBoss® atomized mist technology, was developed solely and specifically with dust suppression in mind.

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Demolition Dust Control Sheet

What Companies Are Saying

Adamo Logo

We had zero complaints about dust over the entire life of the demolition project. Everyone loves the machines, and now I wouldn't be without them.

Daniel Susalla

Superintendent, Adamo Demolition Co.

Colorado Cleanup Corporation Logo

It (DustBoss®) created a big curtain around the zone where we directed it, which pulled the dust right out of the air.

Chris Formanek

Senior Project Manager, Colorado Cleanup Corporation

Bolander Logo

This is the best dust controller machine that I have ever seen.

Eric Sundbo

Environmental Scientist, Carl Bolander & Sons Co.