Water Conservation and Dust Suppression Systems

Balancing clean air and water conservation in dust suppression systems

Atomized mist technology uses less water than old methods

... more than 20 times less than sprinkler systems


Not only does drought make dust worse, these times can put many industries in a catch-22: You must keep the air clean AND conserve water.

In many situations, water is the only viable option to suppress dust. The best operators can do is reduce water usage.

You can't conserve water with old-fashioned fire hoses and sprinkler systems, which are designed to put out fires and irrigate by putting out a lot of water -- more than necessary to control dust.

Atomized mist dust cannons are designed specifically for dust control. Not only do they use significantly less water, they dispense a mist of the optimum water droplet size to capture airborne dust.

Water droplets from sprinklers and hoses are too large, rendering them useless against fugitive dust. All they do is wet surfaces to prevent it.

Atomized mist can do both airborne capture and surface wetting prevention -- using just the amount of water that is necessary.

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