PADNOS Superintendent Tim Driesenga:

Q: What is your primary goal in your dust control efforts?

A: Basically, we’re trying to be a good member of the community and not allow any dust to leave our property where it could potentially become a nuisance to someone else. One of the additional benefits is that it creates a cleaner working environment for our employees.

Q: What made you go with DustBoss?

A: We’ve used hoses and sprinklers in the past, and at times we’ve had our own water trucks on-site, but the suppression performance wasn’t what we had hoped for. We’ve also tried dust suppression equipment from other suppliers.

But when we compared results from the machines we had to the DustBoss, the DB-60 was far more effective, clearly a higher-quality design. It does a much better job of knocking down the dust and keeping it down. We have plans in place to get at least one or two more units.

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