Automated Dust & Odor Systems



  • Simplistic Functionality
  • Turn all functions of the DustBoss on/off at same time
  • Control up to 6 machines
  • Range - 400 ft.


  • Control all individual functions on machine including:
    • fan/water
    • oscillation
    • booster pump
    • vertical adjustment jack
  • Control up to 16 machines
  • Range - 1,000 ft


  • Customize control to fit specific needs
  • Start, stop & monitor DustBoss equipment and auxiliary components
  • Control one unit or a hundred
  • Adjust direction & oscillation patterns
  • Automate usage based on wind and weather conditions

Why Automate?

  1. Quickly and easily adjust the equipment to respond to changes in wind direction and changes in process.
  2. Decreased energy cost due to less hours running time.
  3. Improved profitability due to more dust suppression in less time with less effort = increased revenue and decreased costs.
  4. Increased efficiency due to no set up and take down time by using fixed position machines.