Off the Road with Mike and Tyler | Episode 1

Off the Road with Mike and Tyler Podcast


Off the Road with Mike and Tyler is our new podcast rising from Chat Control's ashes! This show is in a completely new direction, ditching the dust and odor control talk for hanging out and taking a break from work!

Hosts Mike Lewis and Tyler Kempf talk about whatever grabs their attention. Sports, news, movies. It's all up for grabs!

This monthly podcast is now available through SoundCloud and Spotify! Coming soon to iTunes and Google Play.

We also now have a full video version of the podcast up on YouTube! No longer is it a still image, but you can see the hosts beautiful faces!

For continuous updates on Off the Road with Mike and Tyler and more videos from BossTek, visit the BossTek YouTube Channel.

Episode 1 | A New Start

Hosts Mike and Tyler introduce the first ever episode of the podcast! They battle it out in the game - Can It "B" Reel?" - and introduce the segments - Traveling the Speed of 88 and Cookin' with Kempf.

They also talk about recent news with Patrick Mahomes injury results and discuss the possible future for AI advancement.

Have a question for our hosts? Want to hear their thoughts on a specific topic?

Leave a comment on the podcast and see if your question is addressed during the next episode!

Listen to the first episode of Off the Road with Mike and Tyler!


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