Comply with Dust Control Regulations

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Benefits of Dust Control

Enlisting dust control equipment to stop airborne particles creates these benefits for your job site!

Demolition Safe

Protect yourself from harmful dust particles and serious lung diseases. Stop dust from reaching your neighbors and surrounding community.

Demolition Savings

Efficiently use water and save on your utility bill. Avoid fines and citations with regulation compliant dust control systems.

Demolition Dust Control Warranty

DustBoss® dust control cannons are guaranteed with a 3-year / 3,000 hour warranty. Rent for a week, and if you're not happy, we take it back, no questions asked.

Dust Control Keeps Your Job Site Safe From Harmful Dust.

Government regulations for airborne dust are more extensive than ever, leaving your business susceptible to fines and citations. Our dust control systems help you comply with these new rules and save you money!

DustBoss® dust control equipment from BossTek® uses fine, atomized mist to trap dust in the air and drop it to the ground, helping keep you and your workers healthy and safe from paying unwanted fines.

Get the DustBoss equipment spec sheet and obtain details on the full dust control line from BossTek® to determine the best system for your job site!

Demolition Dust Control Sheet

What Companies Are Saying

Linwood Mining Logo

The unit's performance and low maintenance have definitely met and even exceeded our needs.

Jim Petersen

Production Manager, Linwood Mining and Minerals Corp.

Adamo Logo

We had zero complaints about dust over the entire life of the demolition project. Everyone loves the machines, and now I wouldn't be without them.

Daniel Susalla

Superintendent, Adamo Demolition Co.

Bolander Logo

This is the best dust controller machine that I have ever seen.

Eric Sundbo

Environmental Scientist, Carl Bolander & Sons Co.