Chat Control Podcast | Episode 10 | Off the Rails



BossTek’s podcast about everything dust and odor control and whatever other topic that may come to light.

Each episode, host Tyler Kempf (Account Executive) sits down and talks the latest and greatest in dust and odor technology with his fellow members of Team Boss.

From recent news in the industry and what’s going on at BossTek to their favorite places to golf, Chat Control has maximum coverage.

This show is transitioning from a bi-weekly podcast to a BRAND NEW monthly show starting next month in October. More of Team Boss coming full of laughs and good times.

For more videos on BossTek and Chat Control, visit the BossTek YouTube Channel.


Host Tyler Kempf is joined once again by his boss and sale manager, Mike Lewis, ready to talk what's been going on at BossTek and whatever topic comes to mind...

Tyler talks about DustBoss involvement in an airfield concrete curing project, and Mike gets excited about Skrillex with KoolBoss at Electric Zoo Festival!

Team Boss also goes off the rails to tell stories from Mike's growing up, and how he came to work for BossTek six years ago.

Have a question for Team Boss? Want to hear their thoughts on a specific topic, whether dust and odor related or not?

Comment on the podcast YouTube video for their responses and see if your question is addressed during the next episode!

Listen to the tenth episode of Chat Control!

See DustBoss work at an airfield in the concrete curing process!

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