Chat Control | Episode 7 | Catching Up on Dust and Odor Control


Chat Control Is Back!

After 10 month break, BossTek's dust and odor control podcast, Chat Control, is back!

Every two weeks, host Tyler Kempf (Account Executive) sits down and talks the latest and greatest in dust and odor technology with his fellow members of Team Boss.

From recent news in the industry and what’s going on at BossTek to their favorite places to golf, Chat Control has maximum coverage.

This bi-weekly show is available every two weeks on Monday morning.

For more videos on BossTek and continuous updates on Chat Control, visit the BossTek YouTube Channel.


Tyler chats with Team Boss on the past 10 months of activity at BossTek!

Our outspoken, cheerful host Nick Waechter unexpectedly passed away shortly after the sixth episode of Chat Control aired. We decide to take the time to remember some of the great moments and happiness Nick brought to BossTek and our lives in this episode.

Marketing Manager Brooke Carlson talks about the sponsored Barry Eaton Brown Memorial Scholarship, Carson Spengler discusses the recently finished blog series, DustBoss throughout the Industries, and Jason reviews the newly launched odor control system, the OdorBoss Fusion!

Have a question for Team Boss? Want to hear their thoughts on a specific topic, whether dust and odor related or not?

Leave comment on the podcast or hit us up on social media, and see if your question is addressed during the next episode!

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